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Flowers on the Trails (20 photos)
Flowers on the Trails Preview Image
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Cleanup on the Trails (5 photos)
Cleanup on the Trails Preview Image The Sherwood-Elm Grove Trails Association purchased a refurbished 2010 electric golf cart. The golf cart is marked identifying it as a trails cart. Trash cans were put on the back along with "grabbers" for trash. Each board member for the trails association has been assigned at least one section of greenbelt to be responsible for. Each board member checks their section and reports back to the board regarding any issues for their section that needs to be addressed. When this is done, the board members pick up trash from their greenbelt section. Trash as small as a paper cup, to beer bottles, to barbecue pits, to car tires have been discarded into the trails. Residents are asked to help keep the greenbelts clean. Some residents throw debris over their fence and into the greenbelts. This is not only not being a good neighbor, it is also against state law. The greenbelts are not to be altered in any way. Trees and underbrush are not to be removed. The greenbelts were designed and intended to be natural looking.
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Benches (2 photos)
Benches Preview Image All of the existing original greenbelt benches have now been replaced with new ones. The old ones were rotting and too expensive to maintain. The new ones are great for taking time to sit and enjoy the natural beauty of our trails.
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Fall Time in the Greenbelt (6 photos)
Fall Time in the Greenbelt Preview Image
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Trees (15 photos)
Trees Preview Image The trails association has taken the lead in reforesting areas in specific areas of the greenbelts to help add some beauty back to them. This has been done in highly visible areas along main travelled roadways surrounding these areas. Take a peek as you pass by these two areas off of North Park Drive, Woodland Hills Drive and West Lake Houston Parkway. Over the course of the last three years, the trails association has been removing dead trees from the drought. The trails are recovering nicely and are returning to their natural beauty. Take the time to walk of bike the trails to take in the beauty and the wildlife.
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