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Dumping Trash/Yard Debris on the Trails

Dear residents of Elm Grove and Sherwood Trails Villages:

Sherwood-Elm Grove Trails Association is currently responsible for approximately 6 miles of green belt trails and the property on either side of the paved trails running through Sherwood Trails and Elm Grove Villages. The Trails Association board members check the trails on a monthly basis and also remove trash. In doing so, we have noticed a tremendous amount of heavy trash and yard debris (tree branches, lawn clippings, pine needles, piles of leaves, etc.) that is thrown over fences or dumped on trails property (along with the usual liquor bottles, food bags, plastic bottles, and soda cans). There is also a problem with pet waste that is put into plastic bags and then thrown into the trees and brush. We do understand that it is a City of Houston ordinance that you pick up after your pets, but please dispose of the bags properly. The plastic does not decompose.

In addition to the fact that illegal dumping is a criminal offense in the City of Houston and those caught dumping can be prosecuted, some of the items dumped onto trails property clog drainage areas causing standing water and creating mosquito breeding grounds. If you observe illegal dumping, please contact the Houston Police Department at 713-884-3131.

The greenbelt trails are for the enjoyment of our residents and the Trails Association is committed to keeping them clean and safe, but the amount of items dumped on trails property is getting out if control and one or two board members can no longer remove all of it. The Trails Association Board has worked hard to keep costs down so that there is no increase in yearly dues, but we will have to consider an increase if we must hire a company to remove trash each month. Please help us keep our green areas clean so that an increase is not necessary.

Thank you.

Sherwood-Elm Grove Trails Association Board of Directors

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