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Trash on the Greenbelt


These three photographs represent the trash and garbage that your board members have picked up from the greenbelt areas that run through Sherwood Trails and Elm Grove. This is two weeks worth. The biggest culprits are the residents whose back yards back up to the greenbelt trails. Residents apparently think it is appropriate to throw things over the fence and into the greenbelts. This is not how we want our trails to look like. We want them to be natural and beautiful. Now that the leaves are falling, it is making it easier to get to some of the debris that was inaccessible before. Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help pick up trash and help keep our valuable and unique trail system in Sherwood Trails and Elm Grove clean can contact Kingwood Association Management. You will be referred to the appropriate board member. The phone number is 281-359-1102.

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