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Graffiti on the Trails


The Sherwood-Elm Grove Trails Association takes safety on our greenbelts seriously. When we determine there is a problem, we will post the information on our website and take appropriate action. Recently, a large section of one of our greenbelt trails was marked with graffiti. Silver and black paint were used to deface trees, benches, and the greenbelt surface itself. This criminal act was reported to the Houston Police Department, and they were supplied with photographs.

The areas that were damaged were from Bassingham Drive Eastbound behind both the Sherwood Trails and Elm Grove pools. It continued Southbound toward North Park Drive behind the Elm Grove and Elm Creek apartments. Once at North Park Drive, the pedestrian tunnel was defaced. The graffiti continued along North Park Drive Westbound almost to Bassingham Drive.

The graffiti was noticed very quickly. Two board members took action to cover the graffiti. Paint in several earth tone colors were purchased, and the graffiti was cleverly covered up to where the paint colors blended in with the tree bark colors. (Photos below)  This made the graffiti no longer noticeable. The graffiti on the greenbelt itself and the benches was covered up as well by our contractor.

We will continue to monitor this area. The best way to combat the criminal act of graffiti is to cover it up no matter how many times it takes. Our residents that use the greenbelt trails must feel safe and enjoy the natural experience and be able to walk, jog, ride a bicycle, and walk their pets without feeling uneasy which is what unaddressed graffiti does.




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